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September 12, 2023 India, Maharashtra Wagle Estate, Thane (West), Maharashtra - 400 604. 11


Seismic retrofitting is a critical process aimed at strengthening existing structures to withstand the destructive forces of earthquakes. It involves a comprehensive assessment and implementation of structural modifications that enhance the building's resilience and minimize potential damage. This technique typically includes measures such as adding steel braces, reinforcing walls, and foundations, as well as improving connections between structural elements. seismic retrofitting service in india - Structural-india The goal of seismic retrofitting is to mitigate the risk of collapse during an earthquake, ensuring the safety of inhabitants and preserving the integrity of the structure. By utilizing advanced engineering techniques and materials, seismic retrofitting plays a vital role in safeguarding buildings, minimizing economic losses, and promoting overall community resilience in earthquake-prone regions.

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